17 June, 2014

Cubicle Quest reached 360%

That's right, counting donations from outside Kickstarter, it just rounds up to 360% of the goal I'd set for the project. I'm glad the idea resonated with so many people and I'll be working on polishing the game for them. 

Having said that, I won't be leaving behind my other projects. I finally have a cover for Gin and Ambrosia, so the fifth Dying War book will be coming out relatively soon. There are only a few more things to put in order, but I'd like to be able to give some of them my full attention. That will require finishing up some other projects. 

 Meanwhile, thanks to Cubicle Quest, I now have a forum. If anyone has questions about the series or any other reason they want to use a forum, it's available.


  1. Any chance you're still doing preorders or anything?

  2. The time for preorders is past, you can get the game right now! The most direct link is here:

    It's also available on Desura and a few other channels if you prefer those.

    1. Is there an option for steam keys when they come out?

      And is Fantasyche: Mike on your btmicro page too? I hate the idea of loading an external client every time I wanna play a game, but Steam makes for EASY gifting, and so does Desura to a limited extent.

    2. Fantasyche: Mike was made by someone else, so it's on a different page. If you purchased through BMT Micro, you wouldn't have to load an external client - it will just give you a self-extracting folder you can play the game from.

      I'm not sure what you mean about Steam keys - you want a copy there after getting it on another channel? If the game gets the Greenlight, I plan to set that up for backers. But while we're making steady progress, the game won't be on Steam any time soon, so I wouldn't wait.