02 January, 2014

2013 in Review

Technically 2013 was a year of many transitions, but it didn't feel that way in a subjective sense. Perhaps that's because more of the big issues in my life are settled and I have less interpersonal conflict to deal with.

I've transitioned to my new job, where I hope to stay for at least several years. It provides more time for writing, which I'll split between work posted here and work submitted to assorted publishers. I wrote more than expected in 2013, so I've set more aggressive goals for this year.

In the coming year:
 - I'll be releasing a stand-alone novel unrelated to my previous work.
 - Gin and Ambrosia (Dying War 5) should be released in April.
 - I plan to write the sixth and seventh books during 2014, but they won't be released during this year because I think I need to slow production.