07 October, 2013

Blog Tour

Today kicks off the blog tour for Sorcery and Scholarships. Glad there was so much interest, and I'm happy to direct you to the people who got onto the list. They'll be posting reviews, promos, excerpts, and other things in due time.

October 7-13
Monday: Alfaniel's Blog (Review)
Tuesday: Books Are Love (Review)
Wednesday: Giovanni Valentino (Review)
Thursday: Bunny's Review
Friday: These Are But Shadows (Promo)
Saturday: The Undercover Reviewer
Sunday: Judith Leger (Review)
Sunday Part II: Making Connections Blog (Interview)
Giveaway: Rafflecopter

From the 11th to the 15th (Friday-Tuesday) my short story The Bloody Veil will be available free to Amazon Prime members.

On October 25th, the fourth book in The Dying War (Digital Necromancy) will be available on all channels.

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