15 August, 2013

Things of Assorted Varieties

Life continues. I'll soon be moving to work abroad and beginning a new job. Professor Tiddlebottoms had kittens I'll have to find homes for. Etc etc.

Relevant to this blog, the fourth book in The Dying War will be coming out soon. It's basically done, but the editing process has led me to want to run it by more beta readers before releasing it. This will be my first late release, but fortunately I don't have rabid enough fans for anyone to care.

I also just finished writing the fifth book in the series. It was the kind of book I could only write after the first four moved enough story elements into position, so the payoff was satisfying. I'm past the halfway point of this experiment, in my own writing if not release or editing.

The fantasy overview is finally done, long after the friend I wrote it for had read the rough drafts. I'm not sure I'll replace it with anything, but I'm glad at least several other people enjoyed it.

Having said that, this blog will now go back into inactivity mode.

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