05 May, 2013

Everything Continues

This is basically a mid-inactivity update, since I expect the blog to be quiet for some time yet. The following items are in order of (roughly) decreasing relevance to this blog.

Book IV, Digital Necromancy, is completed. Over half my beta readers are busy at the moment, so I'm not sure when it will be ready for release. August seems overoptimistic, thanks to later updates.

The Currently Writing page is updated after months of inactivity, for those who care.

I haven't finished my fantasy overview for no legitimate reason. I will try to get this done over the next several months.

I've completed a doorstopper. Epic fantasy, 250k+ words, etc. I have a specific market in mind for this one, so it won't be seen any time soon, but that explains what's been consuming all my writing time recently. This is my first time sitting down and intending to write something this long, and I think it went relatively well, though I've learned things for next time.

The completion of my current contract approaches. My next jobs are lined up, but I will be moving twice over the next several months. The permanent move will be in August, and I may lack internet access for a while, hence an additional reason for delays.