20 January, 2013

The Rainbow of Doom Launched

As war draws closer, the first shots have already been fired at Axis University. The attacks have thrown three students together into an unlikely alliance: Blake, scion of Darkness; Keisha, servant of Light; and Aki, a wildcard with powers that don't fall anywhere on the continuum. That alliance grows tenuous as Aki's powers turn sinister, Keisha desperately searches for a deadly imposter on campus, and Blake has to pay his debts to Darkness.

This semester, the students face a bigger threat than attacks from outside - the faculty are taking sides and they aren't afraid to use their students as pawns. This time, they're not going to stumble into someone else's battle: they're the target.

Author Notes
This book was more difficult than the others, because for the first time my beta readers were extremely divided on multiple issues. I tried to write something focused directly on the university, with less of the plotlines from other realms so that I could wrap up several things ongoing around campus. And of course, I was able to do a mystery plot the way I wanted to, even if it wasn't necessarily a good idea...

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