01 January, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was a long year. I changed jobs and moved to different city. One of the biggest personal decisions of my life was resolved. A great deal of my time was spent researching some topics that will have a substantial impact on my life long term. I read a lot, gamed some, and watched a little. I reshaped some of my habits into a mix that I hope to sustain for life. My work took me to every country in East Africa.

Oh, and I started this writing experiment. That happened too.

2013 is unlikely to be as eventful. My current work contract expires mid-year and I'm not sure what I'll be doing after that. There will be a few other significant decisions as well.

But for things relevant to the blog, here's what's coming up in the near future:
 - January 11-15, The Bloody Veil will be available for free on Amazon Kindle Select.
 - Mid-January, a new short story will be available free via this blog.
 - By January 25 at the latest, The Rainbow of Doom will be released.

In August I'll release the 4th novel in the series, Digital Necromancy. Otherwise, I hope to focus on other projects, so the blog will be as quiet as usual.

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