05 September, 2012

KDP Select Experiment: The Bloody Veil

Since I got the rights back to one more short story, I figured I'd experiment with putting it up via the KDP Select program. Most readers here have probably already read about it extensively, but here's the deal: your book has to be exclusive to Amazon/Kindle, and available in the Kindle loaning library, and in return you get paid for every time your book is loaned.

The total money is divided between all loans, but Amazon has consistently reported around $2 per loan. Since that's better than most prices for short stories and you're only locked into the program for 90 day periods, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. I'll report more if anything interesting comes of it.

As for the story itself, it's "The Bloody Veil": "In three hours, Hecate will be forced to marry a man she'd rather kill. They both know she'll sacrifice herself to save her fellow witches. But as Hecate considers the bloody path that led her to the altar, she realizes that there is one last chance to escape. A love story with more killing than your average romance."

You can get more information at Amazon or Goodreads.


  1. Congratulations on getting another story out there. I haven't checked it out yet, but romance with a some killing almost always sounds promising.

    Just a note, it should be: "save her fellow witches"

  2. Uh oh, I copy pasted that all over the place. Thanks for catching it, since I was obviously correcting in my head.

  3. I just finished reading this story and loved it! I bought it during the free promotion yesterday -- I usually look at what's on promotion in order to discover new authors (new to me, anyway!). I was intrigued that, despite it being a short story and so not having a lot of space for world-building, I didn't get lost in the setting. And funnily enough, the romance worked although Hecate and Leto both seem almost unemotional... but I could tell there was so much more going on beneath the surface. This was unusual even for a paranormal romance. I'm definitely interested in checking out more books written by you.

  4. I definitely did. I thought the story was skilfully crafted with just enough information to keep the reader hooked. Devious really, because I wanted so much more detail, but if you had provided more detail it would have bogged things down and spoilt the pace. I think that's the trickiest thing about short stories--deciding what to include and what to exclude. You hit the balance just right, I think.

    I've left a review on Amazon since no one had reviewed the story yet.

  5. Thanks! The only review I had so far was on Goodreads, which most people won't see.

    This story is standalone at the moment, but it's part of a broader project I'm working on. If I keep getting responses like this, I might move it up in the writing schedule.