28 March, 2012

Wizardry on Caffeine Coming Next Month

I can't say exactly when since we still need another draft of the cover, but by this point I can be reasonably certain the book will be available in April. Beta reader feedback has been constructive, so my final edit should go smoothly.

Wizardry on Caffeine was finished before the first book was put up, since a series with a single book looks odd. The rough draft of the third book is finished as well, but I'm going to wait much longer to release it - right now I'm thinking November. A few months was too short and made some things hectic.

Of course, it would help if my internet was semi-functional more of the time. Lack of connectivity makes it hard to keep up with work and email, much less promotion or releases.

There's also something I forgot to mention before, Sorcery and Scholarships is now also available via Createspace. Some people seemed to want a physical copy, and that's a pretty reasonable request.

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