15 February, 2012

Goodreads, Authors, and FAQs, Oh My

Various updates, some interesting and some not. I have a Goodreads account where I am still pleasantly surprised by books I'd forgotten I read. It will transition to an author page at some point over the next few days.

I've updated various static pages on the site. The Currently Writing page got its first update. James Enge has been added to General Fantasy; Katherine Kurtz and Kristen Britain are now listed in Epic Fantasy. The next entry (New Weird) will be up sometime this month.

But by far the most thrilling update is that I finally have some FAQs. Two of them. I'm so emotional I can't type properly. Anyone familiar with Smashwords won't care about the first, but the second is a quick reference for the magic in my series - it's not necessarily to understand the story, but I'm glad some readers are interested in the details.

02 February, 2012