02 November, 2011

Sorcery and Scholarships

Aki wishes going to magic school involved less paperwork. It seems fairies drink less dew than beer, there are fewer magic castles than cheap apartments, and some professors can make even magic boring. She'd be happy to graduate, and maybe find a non-jerk date, but her school has ulterior motives. As schemes twist around her and a war approaches, she wishes paperwork was her biggest problem...

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Author Notes
This is the first book in a project that's a little unusual for me. It's balancing to have one project where you follow your own vision for the sake of it. Though this series will trend to bigger issues, it should maintain a light-hearted tone that much of my writing lacks.

I've written the first draft of the sequel, so it is in the beta reading and editing stage. I'm aiming for an April 2012 release date.

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