01 November, 2011


The world's only hope is a fast food employee armed with a spatula. Well, the world could also hope that the personification of Grease, the Olde Englishe Gangstas, and an army of Puns eager for human flesh are all just hallucinations. That might work too.

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Authors Notes
Somewhat of an oddity among my stories, this one was originally published as a serial. I have a strange relationship with humor, but wanted to give a comedic story a try. Reactions have varied, but since most people found it entertaining enough for the word count I decided to upload it. Perhaps because of the style, this one needed the least editing of the old stories.

If you're wondering why Bartholomew changes to Matthew for one joke, there's a story behind that. The editing process of the story was unusual and after a number of issues I realized his name had been "corrected" to Mathew in some cases. Since there was no way to take back what had been published, I decided to acknowledge it instead. For this version I kept things more consistent but left the joke as a nod to the original.

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