01 November, 2011

Into the Oven

Faced with starvation, a father wonders if he can live with himself after abandoning his children. Hansel and Gretel are still so young and there are rumors of a witch stalking the woods. But witch and stepmother and father are not who they seem in this twisted version of the classic tale. 

Author Notes

This story was originally published in a niche magazine, but since I had digital rights I decided to upload it as well. Though I didn't change much, I cut out over 25% in the editing. The original version of the bar scene was twice as long and less effective.

As you can see in the url, this story was originally titled "Gretel and Hansel" - that worked well for the original magazine, but not so well for an ebook. If I'd come up with the current title originally I would have used that, though.

I enjoy variations on fairy tales and there are a lot of potential other stories. If there's enough interest, I might consider some of these. Among my notes there's a framework for an overall mythology of fairy tales and how they are all connected in a larger story, though I'll focus on independent stories for the time being.

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