01 November, 2011

The Bloody Veil

In three hours, Hecate will be forced to marry a man she'd rather kill. They both know she'll sacrifice herself to save her fellow witches. But as Hecate considers the bloody path that led her to the altar, she realizes that there is one last chance to escape. A love story with more killing than your average romance.

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Author Notes
This is the oldest short story I decided to put online, one I wrote mostly for my own sake. Other than improving the dialogue and making it much less wordy, I changed very little. The original title fit the first version of the story but wasn't very gripping; the current one came to me while trying to write the blurbs for the story. Did it work? Well, you're reading this page.

All the things referenced or implied in the story do have background in my notes. Not an entire world, but I couldn't write a story without building some structure around it. Depending on how things go, this political situation could easily fit into a broader world I'm planning.

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