30 October, 2011

So this is a blog...

I think that sites should exist to fulfill a function. That's a problem since I'm a new and unknown author. From experience I know I don't want to try to create a following on a specific topic. I certainly don't think everyone will be fascinated by reports of my breakfast or what my cat (Professor Tiddlebottoms) just did.

Tell me if there's anything you want from the blog. I'll mostly be putting up the kind of information I go to authors' blogs to read and trying not to be self-aggrandizing (I am succeeding brilliantly at that). Meanwhile, I have a series of posts that I know will fulfill at least one function.

I have three friends who hadn't read the fantasy genre in years and wanted to get back into it. They asked about the current authors and while I gave them some recommendations, it was far from a thorough response. By now they've read or discarded those recommendations and they've asked again. So I'll be putting up a complete answer over the following months.

If you want to see anything else from the blog, that's what the comments section is for (other than debating religion and abortion).

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