22 March, 2014

Gin and Ambrosia: New Release Date

The bad news is that the fifth book will probably be released in May instead of April. The good news is that I finished my fantasy trilogy, but that's not relevant here.

The fifth Dying War Book, Gin and Ambrosia, will be delayed by three things:
 - I need to do a rewrite of the ending.
 - Someone else needs to beta read the rewrite.
 - Cover art needs to be completed.

It's possible it will all come together before April ends, but I'm not going to assume that. Meanwhile, in the near future I expect to release an unrelated novel, introduce a different kind of project, and possibly make Sorcery and Scholarships free.

02 January, 2014

2013 in Review

Technically 2013 was a year of many transitions, but it didn't feel that way in a subjective sense. Perhaps that's because more of the big issues in my life are settled and I have less interpersonal conflict to deal with.

I've transitioned to my new job, where I hope to stay for at least several years. It provides more time for writing, which I'll split between work posted here and work submitted to assorted publishers. I wrote more than expected in 2013, so I've set more aggressive goals for this year.

In the coming year:
 - I'll be releasing a stand-alone novel unrelated to my previous work.
 - Gin and Ambrosia (Dying War 5) should be released in April.
 - I play to write the sixth and seventh books during 2014, but they won't be released during this year because I think I need to slow production.

25 October, 2013

Digital Necromancy Launched

The world faces an uneasy peace as it realizes a war between Light and Darkness is inevitable. Everyone sketches a different line between sides, some wanting to stop the war and some trying to take advantage of it. But the worst threat is building in the realms beyond Earth, where several groups scheme to reshape all of reality before the war can even begin.

During the calm before the storm, Aki, Blake, and Keisha have been doing their best to prepare. As they draw the attention of ever more powerful forces, they realize their preparation isn't enough. The question becomes if this is a war they should be fighting at all...

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Author Notes
Another book that follows an uncommon arc not so much because it's innovative but because the arc isn't necessarily a good idea. This is the last relaxed book for a while before the series starts moving in a more climactic direction.

07 October, 2013

Blog Tour

Today kicks off the blog tour for Sorcery and Scholarships. Glad there was so much interest, and I'm happy to direct you to the people who got onto the list. They'll be posting reviews, promos, excerpts, and other things in due time.

October 7-13
Monday: Alfaniel's Blog (Review)
Tuesday: Books Are Love (Review)
Wednesday: Giovanni Valentino (Review)
Thursday: Bunny's Review
Friday: These Are But Shadows (Promo)
Saturday: The Undercover Reviewer
Sunday: Judith Leger (Review)
Sunday Part II: Making Connections Blog (Interview)
Giveaway: Rafflecopter

From the 11th to the 15th (Friday-Tuesday) my short story The Bloody Veil will be available free to Amazon Prime members.

On October 25th, the fourth book in The Dying War (Digital Necromancy) will be available on all channels.

15 August, 2013

Things of Assorted Varieties

Life continues. I'll soon be moving to work abroad and beginning a new job. Professor Tiddlebottoms had kittens I'll have to find homes for. Etc etc.

Relevant to this blog, the fourth book in The Dying War will be coming out soon. It's basically done, but the editing process has led me to want to run it by more beta readers before releasing it. This will be my first late release, but fortunately I don't have rabid enough fans for anyone to care.

I also just finished writing the fifth book in the series. It was the kind of book I could only write after the first four moved enough story elements into position, so the payoff was satisfying. I'm past the halfway point of this experiment, in my own writing if not release or editing.

The fantasy overview is finally done, long after the friend I wrote it for had read the rough drafts. I'm not sure I'll replace it with anything, but I'm glad at least several other people enjoyed it.

Having said that, this blog will now go back into inactivity mode.